Attendee FAQs


Click on “Can I see a general overview of your platform?” to see a video walk-through of our platform.

Can I see a general overview of your platform?
Here is a video walk-through, from the Attendee’s perspective: (Video is being recreated – please check back soon!)
What platform do you use for your shows?

We use a proprietary, browser based platform that is compatible with all devices and browsers. You do not need to download anything on your devices to be able to utilize Scientific Vendor Group Online. Each location will have their own unique URL that can be accessible anytime – for example, or

How do I sign up?

Simply navigate to the URL that is provided by Scientific Vendor Group, or one of our vendors. An example link is – this URL is unique to your location.

How do I login?

Simply navigate to the unique URL of your show. Once there, there is a login button. If you have not registered yet, please do so using the form lower on the page.

Upon registration, you will be automatically logged-in. If you are pre-registering, you will be directed to a “Coming Back Soon” page and will need to come back at the date and time of the show to login to the show home.

If you register during the date and the time of the show, you will be automatically logged-in to the show home.

Please note each show with Scientific Vendor Group Online event will have a separate login.

What if I have technical issues?

During each show, there will be an an on-call technical support person whenever a need arises. There is a “Need Help?” button at the top right corner of all our shows. 

How do I talk with the show host?

All shows will have a prominent “Host” button in the upper right of each page. This will connect you directly with the hosts to discuss any non-technical matters.

How do I interact with a vendor?

Simply click on the company you with to talk with and you will automatically enter into their personal room. When you enter, your computer will ask to use your microphone and camera. Please say yes to this option – you can turn them off afterwards. When you enter the room you will be automatically connected with the vendor by video and audio. You may also be prompted to type your name.

As you come in, there should be able to see the vendor right away after giving camera and microphon permissions. You may see other attendees on the right side of the screen.

Is the platform mobile friendly?

Yes! However, we recommend using a laptop with a front-mounted camera to interact in more easily with the vendor due to the larger screen.

Do I need to download any software to my computer?

No downloads are required to interact in your personal room. The first time you go to enter each room, your browser will ask to use your microphone and camera (notification below – this may look a bit different on your device/browser). That’s it!

How do I turn on/off my camera and microphone?

After you have given permission to your microphone and camera, you can turn either off or on by pressing these buttons:


How do I download files from the vendor?

Some vendors will have files available for you to download. Simply click on the button with the file name it will open in what is called a lightbox. In the example below, the filename is “File #1” and “File #2”.

This is what a lightbox looks like. The arrow points at how to download the file directly to your computer if you wish to keep it after the event.